New Year, New Me!

2018 was very hard for me. I didn’t have a lot of energy to do many things because I was very depressed. I was depressed because of many things that have happened in the past three years:

  • A friend decided to part ways with me after I almost completed suicide.
  • Trump got elected.
  • I went through an identity crisis where I didn’t know if God would love me for being queer/trans, or even if I was queer/trans.
  • My grandmother died.
  • Some friends were very dismissive of my trauma whenever I talked about it to them.
  • I had difficulty finding the right therapist.
  • I kept having nightmares about my past.
  • I had suicidal ideation almost daily.
  • So I slept a lot the most of 2018, and I didn’t get a lot of things accomplished. I guess I was really burned out from all the things that happened and so I just wanted to forget about them as much as I could.
  • This year is going to be different, though. This year, I plan to get a lot of things done, including:
    • Getting my hair cut and dyed purple.
      Further progressing in my therapy sessions so I will be approved for testosterone therapy.
      Moving to a new town in a new county.
      Losing some weight for health reasons.
      Trying skateboarding—I always wanted to do it!
      Working through my trauma in therapy.
      Starting college so I’ll be one step closer to becoming a writer and illustrator.
      Learning to drive.
      Learning other independent living skills.
      Legally changing my name and gender.
      Having a new YouTube channel.
      Making new friends and connections.
      And growing deeper into my faith.
  • I’m really looking forward to the blessings that God will bring me in the new year!
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